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What we do


At Sweetwater Investments, we work with our clients and the clients of other financial advisors who come to us for our expertise and reliability. We have the knowledge and do the research and the legwork to grow and enhance wealth. We also work to protect your carefully acquired wealth through a combination of objective advice, goal-driven customized strategies and by periodic reappraisal of the relationship of risk to reward in each portfolio.

As your financial advisor, Sweetwater relies on investment disciplines, risk control measures, a deep knowledge of the financial markets and extensive external resources to help monitor each client’s progress towards their financial management goals.

The portfolio construction disciplines Sweetwater uses are verified tactics not subject to changes in market sentiments and have proven to be successful over long periods of time. Therefore, the portfolios we construct tend to be the core of our clients’ investment holdings, providing them with safety, peace of mind and stability to pursue other interests.