Sweetwater Investments, Inc personal financial planning

Services we provide include:
Award Winning Financial Planning (Private Wealth Advisor)
Sweetwater’s financial planning process follows these proven steps to financial planning success:

1.    Collect and evaluate all relevant financial data;
2.     Work with the client to establish or refresh their goals and objectives;
3.     Create a balance sheet for you which reflects your net worth; Identification of assets and liabilities
4.     Create a cash flow statement; Net cash flow can be applied to achieve goals and objectives
5.     Work with you to identify both your risk tolerance and your risk profile; Risk taker or risk avoider?
6.     Provide asset allocation, review and investment overview; Following an investment plan reduces anxiety
7.     Review future goals (retirement, education, etc.) and provide a funding analysis; Is there a gap between your anticipated financial needs and your financial resources? Find out now so a solution can be implemented
8.     Provide analysis of your current and future insurance needs;  Is there a gap between your anticipated financial needs and your financial resources? Find out now so a solution can be implemented
9.     Provide analysis of your estate planning ; What plan do you have for your assets?
10.    Identify areas which require particular attention

Investment/Financial Consultation
When acting as a consultant, Sweetwater is the client’s advocate and information source.
Among the duties assumed by us as your financial consultant are:

 1.     Create a statement of fiscal goals and objectives;
 2.     Review and suggest modifications of existing investment plans;
 3.     Review, analyze and recommend asset allocation strategies (portfolio construction);
 4.     Provide education about the options available to you to accomplish your asset management and investment goals;
 5.     Develop a comprehensive spending plan detailing which assets should be liquidated, in what order, to satisfy your needs;
 6.     Research and engage third-party investment managers if and when necessary.

Estate Planning
Normally estate planning focuses on the legal aspects of the operation of testamentary documents; those documents that go into effect upon incompetency or death. Sweetwater believes that effective estate planning also includes the creation of programs prior to death, which can serve to preserve the value of your estate for your future generations.

Our goal in providing estate-planning guidance is the successful transfer of assets without undue burdens on your heirs. Sweetwater does not provide legal advice; we work with the client’s estate planning counsel to ensure the final plan reflects your financial situation and your vision for your assets.

Divorce Analysis
The dissolution of a marriage is one of life’s most devastating events. Divorce can force the participants to make critical wealth decisions in an environment filled with high emotion.

Sweetwater acts as an independent advocate for our client. We seek mutual understanding and present a range of options for the client’s finances and their potential outcomes, which can help lead to resolution at a time when solutions may seem impossible. 

Life’s Surprises
Whether it’s the birth of a child, a sudden inheritance, a disability or the death of a loved one, life can and does throw things our way unexpectedly. At Sweetwater Investments, our goal is to help you manage your life financially so that when one of life’s surprises comes around the corner at you it doesn’t knock you down. With our planning services, you will be prepared and able to rest easy in the knowledge that your assets are safe. We work with you to help you make the best financial decisions possible and always act solely in your interest.

 Investment Management
The Sweetwater approach to investment management is to take on the responsibility of preserving your capital as the first priority and secondarily to produce steady, positive financial performance.
We strive to be long-term, value-based investors with low turnover, which means tax efficiency for you. 

Investment Due Diligence
Investors are constantly faced with multiple investment options competing for their hard-earned money. In many cases, the investor may not fully understand all the aspects of the investment decision. It is at times like this when Sweetwater acts to provide an independent review of an investment to clarify the details of where and how your money is being invested.
We act with your interest in mind as we perform a due diligence study making use of our deep market knowledge and our large base of trusted external resources. Our due diligence efforts help safeguard our clients from pitfalls and errors that can lead to long-term regrets and the threat of danger to your investments and financial assets.

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