Sweetwater Investments, Inc personal financial planning

Sweetwater has helped it's clients by answering these frequently asked questions:

    ·        How can I manage my cash flow so I can pay my bills, save for later and still enjoy life?

     ·       How should I invest my 401K contributions?

     ·       I’m getting a late start in saving for retirement – what should I do?

     ·       Should I convert my IRA(s) to a Roth IRA?

     ·       How much should I put away for retirement?

     ·        How can I help my children/grandchildren pay for college?

     ·        What are the best ways to save for retirement?

     ·        What can I do about future health care costs?

    ·        Should I buy a house or rent?

     ·        What age can I afford to retire?

     ·        What financial changes can I expect after getting Married/Divorced?

     ·        How can my fiancé and I prepare for our wedding?

     ·        What types of insurance do I need to safeguard my family?

     ·        Is my portfolio diversified? What does that really mean?

     ·        How do I evaluate my comfort level with the risks inherent in investments?

     ·        Are my investments allocated appropriately for my age and risk tolerance?

     ·        What documents do I need in place to protect my family and myself if I were to die or become incapacitated?

     ·        What tax saving strategies are available to me?

     ·        Am I taking advantage of all the benefits my employer has to offer?

     ·        How will inflation impact my retirement goals?

     ·        Should I refinance my home at today’s low rate?  If so what should I look for?

     ·        When should I rebalance my portfolio?

     ·        Should I pay down my mortgage?

     ·        Is an annuity a good way to guarantee income?

     ·        What is long term care insurance, when, or should I consider buying some?