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During his 30 year career in the investment industry, Dennis Gibb has been involved in every type of market condition and industry change. He began his career working for H. Ross Perot, was a retail broker at Dean Witter, and has held senior positions both at Morgan Stanley and Bear Stearns. In addition to his retail experience, Dennis has also been an institutional fixed income salesman, a compliance officer, an investment banker, and an assistant office manager.

Dennis is the principal shareholder of Sweetwater Investments a registered investment advisor since 1989. Sweetwater is dedicated to serving individual investors in planning their lives and managing their financial affairs to accomplish
their goals.

Dennis is a cum laude graduate of Parsons College with degrees in Sociology,
History, and Psychology. His graduate studies at the University of Chicago
were interrupted by his military service, including a tour to Vietnam.

Dennis has frequently testified before both the Congressional House and Senate
on investment-related matters as well as to the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has been a guest commentator on CNBC and hosted a radio show
with 9 million listeners.

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This is a representation of a Native American

warrior's shield cover. The blue arrowheads

containing the eyes pointing to the nexus of the four cardinal directions represent a person always seeking harmony the four feathers indicate coups or great victories. The logo was presented to

the firm as a remembrance of work during a complex financial transaction.



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